Bike Fitting

There are multiple reasons that cyclists need fit adjustments. First and foremost, bikes need proper fitting for comfort. Additionally, they need fitting for performance and efficiency.

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Frame Fit includes:

There are many things to consider to ensure your bike has a proper fit. I not only needs to “feel good”, but should ensure it gives the rider the proper posture and leg extension. With each new bike purchase, we offer a free, half-hour basic fit to ensure proper leg extension, reach, and saddle-to-handlebar drop.

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  1. Mountain and flat bar road – $150
  2. Road – $250
  3. Triathlon – $350

(Does Not Include Parts)

Please let us help you get the proper fit to give you the most comfortable and efficient rides possible. As always, we are happy to recommend what you need to get you back on the trail.

Trek Precision Fit

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